How to Become a Roster Contact


New Roster Contacts

In order to become a Roster Contact, you must be so designated by your department chair or school director. It is recommended that every department or school have two Roster Contacts so that departmental support is always available to your faculty.


Approval of Department Chair, School Director or Dean is required. No designees, please.

Step One: Complete online training. Your access will not be granted if you have not completed training.

Step Two: Request access online at In your online request, request the SR Roster Contact role. Please list the Academic Org (department code) along with a description of the purpose for the access request.

Step Three: Complete the Faculty Center Roster Contact request form and return to the University Registrar's Office (mail code 0312 or fax 480-727-6722).

If your supervisor is also the chair, school director, or dean, and that individual approves your online request, you do not need to submit a paper request form. If you forget to put the academic organization in your online request, you will have to submit a paper request with the academic organization listed, along with the signature of the chair/director/dean. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience or delays, but it is necessary for auditing purposes.

Department Chairs and School Directors

Department chairs and school directors may have Roster Contact level access to the Faculty Center by merely submitting a Faculty Center Roster Contact request form to the University Registrar's Office. Chairs and directors do not need to provide a supervisor signature.

If you have any questions, please call the University Registrar's Office at 480-965-7302.

Check the status of your online request:

Visit and sign in.
Click the View Only link in the table row that contains your name.
Click the Approve History link next to the role you are interested in to see the status of your request.

Status What it means
Proposed Request was started but never submitted. To continue, login as if you want to start a new request.
Withdrawn Request was withdrawn.
Initiated Awaiting approval by the supervisor.
Approved - Supervisor Awaiting acknowledgment/approval from the end user.
Approved - User Awaiting approval by the Reviewer for Student Records or Data Trustee(s) from other units.
Approved - User/Reviewer Awaiting approval by the appropriate Data Trustee(s).
Approved - Data Trustee Awaiting approval by the UTO Security Team.
Processed Request completed.