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Grade Posting FAQs

My son/daughter/best friend is technically proficient and has offered to help me during a really busy time by entering and posting my students' grades for me. I can just give him/her my ASURITE UserID and password. Is that permissible?

Please remember that student records, specifically including grades and ID numbers, are protected both by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA, also known as the Buckley Amendment),, as amended, and by university policy. If your son/daughter/best friend is your employed TA, it is appropriate. If your son/daughter/best friend is not affiliated with the university in any official capacity, it would be inappropriate and perhaps unlawful for him/her to assist you in any way with the grading process.

More information is available at these websites:
University Policy

It's against university policy to share userids and passwords

Why do we have deadline dates?

As part of each end-of-the-semester processing, important academic decisions are made about students, particularly undergraduates. To ensure that correct decisions are made in such areas as eAdvisor, Deans list, financial aid eligibility, probation/disqualification, etc, it is vital that all grades be posted on time so they can be factored into this processing.

Additionally, failure to post grades impacts a student's financial aid.  The financial aid office reviews academic records to determine aid renewal as well as whether students earned the aid disbursed to them. A blank grade can mean that a student's award will not be renewed. It can also mean the student must return aid they received for the term, resulting in a bill on their student account. 

I don't know if I have an ASURITE UserID. How can I find out?

If you are able to get into the system far enough to get to your grade roster you have already successfully signed on using your ASURITE UserID and password.
Although most TAs will already have an ASURITE for their own student purposes, they can obtain one by following the instructions here.
Reminder: Protect your password and change it regularly.

Why should I protect my password and change it regularly?

Your ASURITE UserID and password are the keys to entering grades. Student information, particularly IDs and grades, are protected by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, (FERPA, also known at the Buckley Amendment). Following appropriate security measures will help to keep the institution compliant with this federal legislation.

My TA cannot access the system to enter his breakout section grades. How does she/he get in?

Your TA must have an ASURITE UserID and password. Your TA can gain access to the roster to enter or post grades only if he/she is listed on the class as in instructor or teaching assistant. Please contact your department's class scheduler to add your teaching assistant as instructor or teaching assistant. Remind your TA to protect his/her userid and password, and to change the password regularly.

After I post them, how soon will my students be able to view their grades?

If you selected the "Post Tonight" status, grades will be posted to the students' transcript in an overnight batch process. If you select the "Complete" status and then click on the "Post" button, grades will post immediately to the student student's transcript. (Note that the "Complete" option is only available if all grades for all students have been entered.

How can I avoid re-entering all of my students grades, when I already have them recorded in Canvas or in another format?

A file import feature is already available. See instructions on your grade roster and/or the Grading Job Aid for more information. 

I want to assign a grade that is not offered in the drop down list next to the student's name. How do I enter the correct grade?

The drop down list presents all of the applicable grade options from which you may select this student's grade. These options are pre-determined according to how your department set up the class, and/or how the student initially registered. For example, a student who registered for credit may not be given an audit grade; a student who registered using the audit option may not be given a letter grade, etc.
If you believe you have a valid reason for assigning a grade that is not presented in the drop down list, please consult with your department's Roster Contact person.

My class is offered pass/fail, but I don't see that option in the grades offered for me to choose from. What do I do?

Pass/Fail is a grading option that students select individually at the time of registration. If you are not offering the complete array of grade choices (A+,A,A-,B+,B,B-,C+,C,D,E,I,Y), you need to inform your students at the start of the semester, preferably on your syllabus, that they will be graded on that basis.  For more information on grading options in light of the Novel Coronavirus situation for spring 2020, see

I am assigning a grade of "I" Incomplete for a student in my class. Will I be able to come back to the roster system after he/she has completed the coursework to post the actual grade?

Posting a grade of "I"; implies that you have already met with the student and jointly filled out the Request for Grade of Incomplete form and agreed upon the work that is to be finished in order to successfully complete your class.

After you have submitted the "I," you will be able to change the grade using Request Grade Change button on the grade roster.

What grade should I assign if a student stopped attending class or never attended class, but remained enrolled?

If the student did not drop or withdraw from the course and is still on your grade roster at the time you assign final grades, you should submit the grade they earned based on the graded work they earned at that point. If it is a failing grade, please post a grade of "EU" if they stopped participating or "EN" if they never participated. 

Why do we have a grade of "EN"?

The "EN" grade stands for "Failing Never Participated" and should be used to indicate that a student has never participated in an academically related activity in the course. Like many other large institutions, ASU does not take attendance and is not required to do so. However, for federal financial aid purposes, we must determine if a student participated in all courses for which they received federal aid. When a student does not participate, the financial aid office must recalculate the student's aid eligibility.

Why do we have a grade of "EU"?

The "EU" grade stands for "Failing Did Not Complete" and should be used when a student began participation in a course but did not complete the course and never officially withdrew. The EU grade should be used when, in the opinion of the instructor, the student's completed assignments, course activities or both were insufficient to make normal evaluation of academic performance possible because the student stopped participating in the course. Federal financial aid rules require that we have the ability to differentiate between those students who complete the course but failed and those students who failed the course because they started but did not complete the course. 

When should I assign an "EN" grade and "E" grade versus the "EU" grade?

  • Use the EN grade if a student never participated in the course.  
  • Use the E grade if a student participated and completed your course, but failed to earn a passing grade.
  • Use the EU grade if the student participated in your course but later stopped participating, and completed some assignments and/or course activities that were insufficient to make normal evaluation of academic performance possible.  

The following guidelines are how the U.S. Department of Education defines participation in academically related activities. If a student engages in at least one of the following activities in your course(s) they would not receive the "EN" grade:

  • Physically attending a class where there is opportunity for interaction between instructors and student;
  • Submitting an academic assignment;
  • Taking an exam, an interactive tutorial, or computer assisted instruction;
  • Attending an institution assigned study group
  • Participating in an online discussion on academic matter; and
  • Initiating contact with a faculty member after the course has begun to ask a question related to the academic area being studied in the course.

Note: Logging into an online class is not sufficient, by itself, to constitute participation in an academically related activity.

If a student fails a class after exceeding the number of allowed absences, would the assignment of the EU grade be appropriate?

Assigning an EU grade is appropriate if the student: (1) has met the participation criteria outlined above and (2) did not complete enough assignments or course activities to allow normal evaluation of academic performance. Failure based on an attendance policy does not, by itself, warrant an EU grade. 

Two students in my class were caught cheating on the final exam. I want to assign grades of "XE" for academic dishonesty, but the XE is not offered in the drop down list. How do I assign an "XE" grade?

The "XE" grade may be assigned only in accordance with ASU's Student Academic Integrity Policy, and not as part of the normal end of the semester grading process. You have two options. You may either assign failing grades or you may not report any grade for these two students. Then, following application of the Academic Integrity Policy, you may submit an Authorization for Change of Grade form, changing the E or NR to XE. Note that the change form must include an appropriate notation to indicate that the Student Academic Integrity Policy has been followed.

The system tells me the window has closed for posting final grades via this web application. How do I submit my students' grades now?

A very lengthy window is kept open for posting final grades to accommodate classes that are scheduled outside the normal semester calendar. You are encouraged to post grades during the open window. To submit grades after the final grades period is over, use the Request Grade Change button on the grade roster.

What is a Roster Contact Person and how can I find out who is mine?

A Roster Contact is a person who has been identified by your department/school as an individual and who is available to help you with grade entry. Here are two ways to find yours: Ask your departmental office staff to tell you who serves in this capacity for your department. You can also go to the Grading Information and Resources for Faculty and Staff web page, click on List of Roster Contacts, select your college or school and scroll to your academic department listing.