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Get finished faster. Taking summer school classes offers you a chance to get closer to your degree, get caught up on degree requirements or get experience in courses for personal and/or professional development. Attend one, two or all three sessions. Choose from hundreds of six-week or eight-week sessions, on campus or online.

The ASU academic calendar has all the dates and deadlines you need to know.

Enrolling in summer school allows new students to get familiar with college life at ASU and adjust to the rigor and pace of college courses before taking a full course load. Summer sessions also provide students with flexibility in their course loads during the fall and spring semesters.

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Your status determines your steps to enroll.

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Why take summer classes at ASU?

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School's NOT out for summer: Summer Sessions at ASU

Summer might conjure up images of beaches and barbecues, but at ASU it's also about books and classrooms. That's because as part of ASU Summer Sessions, we offer hundreds of classes to get you closer to your degree. In this episode, Emily and Ben give you all the details on summer courses at ASU.