Complete session withdrawal


Complete Session Withdrawal


Undergraduate Students

Beginning the first day of the fall and spring semesters, you are required to connect with your college/school of your major to facilitate the withdrawal process. Select your college or school below for instructions regarding the complete withdrawal process.


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College 

New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences 

College of Integrative Sciences and Arts 

College of Global Futures 

College of Health Solutions 

Thunderbird School of Global Management 

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication 

Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions 

W. P. Carey School of Business 

University College 



During the fall or spring semester, submit your withdrawal request by signing in to My ASU, click on the Registration link in your My Classes box, and select Drop/Withdrawal. Your request will be electronically routed to your college or department for review and next steps. If the semester has not yet begun, or you wish to withdraw from a summer session, sign in to My ASU, click on the Registration link in your My Classes box, and select Drop/Withdrawal and follow the steps to withdraw from your classes.  

Graduate Students

You may request a complete session drop/withdrawal by signing in to My ASU, clicking on the Registration link in your My Classes box, and selecting Drop/Withdrawal, or by submitting the Complete Session Withdrawal form to any University Registrar Services office location. Be sure to review the Graduate College’s continuous enrollment policy and discuss your withdrawal with your program advisor, if needed.  

Please refer to the Tuition Refund Policy to determine if dropping/withdrawing from classes will generate a tuition refund. 

ASU Support Resources & Options

Withdrawing from One or Two Classes (Course Withdrawal)
After the drop/add deadline through the course withdrawal deadline for a class, students can withdraw from the class while remaining enrolled in other classes. Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor to discuss the impact this may have on meeting critical requirements.

Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal 
Medical/Compassionate withdrawals are available for students needing to withdraw from one or more classes due to a personal mental/physical health condition or the death or serious illness of a family member/close friend. More information concerning medical/compassionate withdrawal requests can be found here.

Tutoring & Academic Support Services
ASU tutoring centers provide a variety of services to help students become better learners and gain the confidence and skills to achieve their academic goals. Services include: writing centers, math tutoring, subject area tutoring, and supplemental instruction. More information about tutoring centers can be found here.

ASU Counseling Services
Counseling and mental health services are provided at each of the four ASU campuses.  ASU students may seek services at any of the campus counseling centers, regardless of their college affiliation. ASU Counseling Services locations and contact information can be found here.

“I” (Incomplete) Grade
If approved, a mark of "I" (Incomplete) may be given by the instructor when students are otherwise doing acceptable work but are unable to complete the class because of illness or other conditions beyond their control. Students interested in incompletes should discuss this option with their instructors and arrange for the completion of the class requirements. 

Possible consequences resulting from a complete session withdrawal:

  • Financial Aid: Financial aid recipients who completely withdraw from the university may be responsible for immediate repayment of funds. The effect of a complete withdrawal on financial aid depends on when the withdrawal is dated and the type of financial aid. More information concerning the return of financial aid is available here.
  • Tuition and Refunds: The date of a complete withdrawal will determine whether or not a tuition refund will be generated. Please review the Tuition Refund Policy for more information.
  • Health Insurance: Students should contact their health insurance company to determine whether or not withdrawing from the university affects their coverage.
  • Residential Life: Students who live on campus should contact their residential hall community staff to determine what impact withdrawing will have on their eligibility to live on campus, to complete a License Agreement Release (LAR) form, and to arrange an appointment to officially check out. More information concerning housing cancellations is available here.
  • Veteran Benefits & Certifications: Students should contact the appropriate Veteran Benefits & Certifications office to discuss information regarding veterans’ educational benefits and/or military activation. Veteran Benefits & Certifications office locations and contact information can be found here.

For more information on Complete Withdrawals, contact University Registrar Services at or 480-965-3124.