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My ASU Parent Guest Access is an online tool that allows students to share FERPA-protected information with parents and guests. ASU recognizes that parents, guardians, spouses and others are important to students. We provide the opportunity for these important individuals to support, foster and be involved in students' academic careers. Students have the choice to share some or all of their FERPA-protected information with parents and guests. For more information on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, visit ASU’s FERPA page.

My ASU Parent Guest Access allows students to share any of the following information in My ASU:

  • Admission status
  • Class schedule, major and college
  • Final grades and Academic Status Reports
  • Finances and Parent PLUS loan
  • Authorized Payer permission
  • Tasks or "To Do" items related to finances, academics, and campus services
  • On-campus housing
  1. Go to My ASU and click on the Profile tab.
  2. Click the Add a Guest link in the My ASU Guest Access Permissions box in the lower right of the screen.
  3. Fill out the Add a Guest form and select the Send Email and Submit button when finished.
  4. Provide your guest with the validation code you receive. You can do this by text, phone call, or in person, but we recommend that you do not send it by email for security purposes.

Students: Things to remember

  • Verify the correct email for your parent or guest before filling out the form.
  • You may check Select All or just specific information you want to share. (You can update this at any time.)
  • Anyone with previous authorized payer access still has to be invited as a guest in My ASU Parent Guest Access to retain Authorized Payer access.
  • Refer to the How to Authorize My ASU Guest Access help article for more detailed instructions. 
  1. You will receive an email invitation to My ASU Parent Guest Access once your student has invited you to access his or her records.
  2. Once you receive the validation code from your student, follow the link provided in the email invitation to the My ASU Parent Guest Activation page.
  3. Enter the validation code, click the checkmark next to I Agree and then click Continue.
  4. If you were previously set up as an authorized payer for your student you will need to enter a QuikPay Link Code to link to your existing QuikPay account. You may have received this in an email, but you will have an opportunity to resend it to yourself.
  5. If you have an ASURITE ID, click the Sign In button. If you don’t have an ASURITE ID, click Continue on the My ASU Guest activation screen, and you will be prompted to fill out a form to create one. Once your ASURITE ID has been created, you will have My ASU Guest Access.
  6. If you don’t see the information you are expecting, contact your student to confirm the permissions that were set for you.

Refer to the How do Parents or Guests Activate My ASU Guest Access help article for more detailed instructions.



FERPA FAQs for Students

FERPA FAQs for Faculty & Staff



Questions and support

Please call 855-278-5080 with any questions about My ASU Parent Guest Access.