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Residency Deadlines

Deadlines are critical and missing a deadline can have significant consequences. Refer to the table below to ensure your petition is submitted in a timely manner. 

Deadlines - what they mean & why they are important

Summer 2024 Fall 2024 Spring 2025

Petition Deadline - This is the most important deadline.  Don't miss this deadline. 

Failure to submit a petition by this deadline constitutes a waiver of your right to petition for this semester.  Exceptions are not granted and there is no option to appeal a missed deadline.

5/17/2024 8/28/2024 1/19/2025

Document Deadline - This is the last day to submit supporting documentation and pay the fee for your petition (if applicable).  Petitions that are lacking supporting documentation will be withdrawn.

6/6/2024 9/12/2024 2/3/2025
Petition Availability - Petitions for each semester are only available to students during this time-frame 2/1/2024 - 5/17/2024 2/1/2024 - 8/28/2024 9/12/2024 - 1/19/2025

Priority Deadline - Petitions submitted and supported by all required documents prior to this date will be reviewed before the tuition payment deadline.

4/1/2024 6/1/2024 11/1/2024
All dates are subject to change      


Petition Availability

The petition is only available to non-resident students who are both admitted and term-activated for the semester in which they wish to petition (which means the semester in question has been enabled for the student – this usually coincides with registration and enrollment).  The petition is not available to parents, spouses, or anyone except the student (i.e. petition can only be accessed using the student’s asurite ID).

When to submit your petition

Submit your petition before the petition deadline and as early as possible.  However, don’t submit your petition prior to meeting all stated requirements.  For example, independent students who won’t meet the continuous physical presence requirement until August 1, should submit their petition after August 1; dependent students who qualify because a parent is moving to Arizona should not submit their petition until after their parent has moved to Arizona.  Submitting your petition before you meet requirements may result in your petition being denied or delayed (pending additional documents).

Processing Time

Processing times vary and are largely dependent on petition type and when all supporting docs are submitted.  Average processing time is 2-6 weeks.  Petitions submitted within one month of the petition deadline tend to take longer and often are not completed before classes begin.  If you need an early decision, please submit everything (petition and all required documents) no later than the priority deadline (see above).