Late Registration: Barrett, the Honors College


Courses with the prefix HON are offered by Barrett, the Honors College. To request to add an HON course after the add deadline, Barrett students must follow the instructions listed below.

Instructions to Student:

All Barrett students should email their HON enrollment requests to These instructions are for HON prefix courses only. Honors sections in other prefixes must go through the college or school that offers the course.

Student email must include:

  • Student Name
  • Student ASU ID
  • Major
  • Campus
  • Class #
  • Course prefix & number
  • Number of units to be added
  • Instructor Name
  • An email from the instructor (copy and paste, or attach) confirming approval of the late enrollment request.

If approved, Barrett Advising will send your request to ASU Registrar Services for processing, and you will see the change reflected on your schedule. 

Questions? Please call 480-965-9155 or email



  • If the addition of this course exceeds the total number of credits you are approved to enroll in a single session or semester, you will first need to petition for an overload in the college of your major prior to submitting your late enrollment request. 

  • Ask the instructor if you will be allowed to make­­ up the work you missed by adding this class late.

  • Many classes have attendance policies. Ask the instructor if adding the class late counts towards absences. 

  • If you are dropping or withdrawing from a course, be certain to consider the minimum number of credits required to retain financial aid.