Student Address Information

ASU maintains a local, mailing and home address for you. You may have a different mailing, local, and home address, or they may all be the same.  Regardless, it is important to keep your addresses current, so that ASU can send you the most up-to-date information based on your location to stay healthy and informed.


  • Your local address should be the physical address where you live while you are attending ASU.  Review this address every semester and update it when you move.  Local doesn't have to mean "Arizona-local"  - it can be any state or country where you are living while you are enrolled at ASU.  It may or may not be the same as your home address. 
  • The mailing address is the address where you expect to receive most of your ASU mail. 
  • Your home address is your permanent address.
  • Your diploma address is where you would like your diploma to be sent to and is created when you apply to graduate. 

ASU Student Accounts bills/refunds are mailed to your mailing address (if applicable), then your local address.  

Update Your Address/Phone Information

To review and update your addresses, please visit to make any necessary changes.

Voter Registration

Visit Arizona Voter Registration for information on how to register to vote in Arizona or to update your voter information.