Your ASU IDs

At ASU, you will use a few different forms of ID to access services and resources.

Sun Card

Students, faculty and staff at Arizona State University have choices.

Choose between the Pitchfork ID Visa® debit card complete with Sun Devil Checking exclusively from MidFirst Bank, or the basic Sun Card. The Pitchfork Card is an all-in-one student ID, Visa® debit card and building access card that you receive when you open an official Sun Devil Checking account.

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ASU ID Number

Your ASU ID number is a ten-digit number that is assigned in a way that will not have meaning outside the university. You should treat your ASU ID number as an important and confidential piece of information.

Your ASU ID number is printed on your Certificate of Admission, on many of your student records, on your Sun Card and on selected communications you receive from the university, etc. In addition to your name, your ASU ID number serves as the primary student identifier in ASU computer systems and on your student records. You will use it yourself to access your student records.


When you apply for admission, you are issued an ASURITE ID. You will use your ASURITE ID to access some of your personal records and online services. You must activate your ASURITE ID before you can sign on to any of these systems. During the activation process you will be prompted to select your own private password. Please refer to ASURITE Password Help for information and guidelines on creating passwords. Your password should be kept confidential.

Campus ID Number

Your Campus ID number is an identifying number that is unique to ASU. It is made up of nine digits with no hyphens. You should treat your Campus ID number as an important and confidential piece of information. The Campus ID number is computer generated at the time of application for admission to the university. Your Campus ID number is used for various internal university operations. You may find your Campus ID number on your ASU Sun Card if it was issued prior to 2008. Your Campus ID number is also found on the My profile tab in My ASU. You need to know this ID number, because it is part of your Posting ID number.

Posting ID

Your Posting ID is a seven-digit number composed of the last four digits of your ASU ID number plus the last three digits of your Campus ID number, separated by a hyphen. Your Posting ID is printed on the class rosters and grade rosters your professors work with. You can also view your Posting ID on the My Profile  tab in My ASU.

Many faculty use Posting IDs to post incremental grades like mid-term exam scores, lab results, etc., in public places such as the departmental bulletin board, or the wall in the classroom. The Posting ID is used to permit your professors to get your incremental grades out to you quickly and efficiently while at the same time protecting your privacy.

Social Security Number

Your social security number is a nine digit number assigned by the Social Security Administration. You should treat your SSN as an important and confidential piece of information. If you have an SSN, you were asked to provide it to ASU at the time you applied for admission.

Your SSN has very limited use in the university. Your SSN is only used in those instances where it is legally required, such as for federal or state purposes. Generally you may find it on your financial assistance documents, on your 1098-T report to the IRS, and on your paycheck, if you are employed with the university.

In compliance with federal requirements, the Student Financial Assistance Office uses your SSN. Your SSN is also used to report your tuition payments to the IRS for your possible Education Tax Credits use (1098-T). Another use would be to match your transfer transcripts arriving from another educational institution.