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Academic Renewal


Academic Renewal Guidelines

Academic renewal is a university policy administered to recalculate the cumulative ASU GPA of an undergraduate student who:

  • Is pursuing his/her first undergraduate degree and has not previously received an academic renewal; and
  • Has a cumulative ASU GPA below 2.0; and
  • Is readmitted to a degree program after an absence of at least five consecutive years.

ASU Courses completed before the five-year absence with a grade "C" or better are accepted in the same manner as transfer credit.  This will apply to the maximum number of community college transfer credits allowed by the program, as specified by SSM 401-01.

Graduation requirements for resident credit hours and GPA must be fulfilled after the academic renewal. Graduation requirements for academic recognition (resident credit hours and GPA) must also be fulfilled after the academic renewal.

Courses completed before and after the academic renewal remain on the transcript and may be considered when students apply for undergraduate professional or graduate programs.


The student must:

  • Print the Application for Academic Renewal form from the web, or request it from the college of the student's major; and

  • Submit the form to the dean’s office in the college offering the student’s major before the last day of the third semester after readmission.

The dean's office of the college of the student's major:

  • Specifies a minimum of 12 semester hours the student is required to earn with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and no grade lower than a "C," to be completed within three semesters after reentry.

Upon completion of the requirements by the student, the dean's office:

  • Forwards the approved Application for Academic Renewal to the Course Catalog and Curriculum Maintenance section of University Registrar Services.

Course Catalog and Curriculum Maintenance section of University Registrar Services:

  • Processes the academic renewal and adjusts the student's credit hours and GPA; and
  • Sends an unofficial transcript showing the processed academic renewal to the student.


  • Included with the form.

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