Late Registration: College of Health Solutions


You are requesting an exception to university policy; there is no guarantee that a late request will be approved.

To register for a class after the drop/add deadline, you are required to obtain authorization from the instructor and the college.  Students who wish to request late registration into a College of Health Solutions course must follow the steps below in the order in which they are listed:

  1. Fill out an enrollment change request form.
  2. Obtain instructor approval by either having them sign the form or sending an email confirming their approval of your late addition to the course.
  • You should ask the instructor if you will be allowed to make up the work you missed by adding this class late.  

  • Many classes and labs have attendance policies.  Ask the instructor if adding the class late counts as absence.

  1. Obtain final authorization from the College of Health Solutions:
  1. Submit the approved form to the University Registrar Services (registrar location)

For questions, please call the College of Health Solutions at 602-496-3300 or toll free 844-857-3348.